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LLoid gets to the root of the problem

Art Lead, Character Designer, Modeler, Rigger & Physics Implementation, Animator

Global Game Jam Website

Lloid Gets to the Root of the Problem is a short game experience that was made in under 48 hours for 2023's Global Game Jam and won SCAD's award for Best Use of Theme. I worked in a team of 11 people, many who were sophomores who had yet to have an experience in working on a game in a team of people. Many had not even touched Unreal Engine before this project! On top of that, we were all strangers who had not worked on a single project together.

As the art lead, my role was to figure out the artistic direction of the game and set it so that it would be a stylistically unified experience, determine the assets needed and when, as well as documenting, organizing, and ensuring that everyone had a task they were working on. I also provided help and advice to anyone who was struggling to aid them in finishing their tasks while learning more, or moving them to a new task so they would not remain stuck.


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