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Cave Ablaze

Modeler, Texture Artist, Lighting Lead

Cave Ablaze Website

Cave Ablaze is a 3D animated film with 2D animated elements, and centers around a caveman named Gerg who must brave the dangers of nature in order to feed himself, guided by his cave painting friend Bob.

This film is the senior film that I worked on alongside a crew of 9 other members. We worked on this film throughout the course of the academic year, starting pre-production in late summer of 2020 and finishing post-production in May of 2021. Because of the pandemic, all of the film's development was done remotely.

As we were a small team, many of us filled multiple roles in production. My work centered mostly around modeling and texturing, though later on I became the lighting lead and I helped elsewhere with 3D animation and 2D effects animation, as well as creating the original design of the tiger.


Concept & Models