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Roses & Thorns

Character Designer, Environment Artist, Level Designer, Modeler, Texture Artist, Rigger, 2D & 3D Animator

Roses & Thorns Website

Roses & Thorns is a small game that was created over the course of two quarters, or 20 weeks, at SCAD as our senior game design project. I was one of a main crew of six. While working on this project, I had to fill various roles which ranged from 2D art, animation, storyboards, and even a bit of programming in Unity! I worked predominantly on character designs, models, textures, and general concept work however.

Roses & Thorns is a combination 3D turn based strategy and dating sim game, where you're just as likely to romance your partner as you are to turn them into a lifelong rival. The strategy portions of the game occur as a sort of capture the flag-like sport, where you and your team utilize spells to help your own or hinder your opponent as you aim to earn the most points. This game was created using the Unity Engine.

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