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Sock Around The Clock

Modeler, Texture Artist, Rigger & Physics Implementation, Animator

Global Game Jam Website

Sock Around the Clock is a short game that was created by a team of five including me during Global Game Jam 2021. Global Game Jam is a competition in which people from all around the world create a game based around a theme in a short amount of time. This year the theme was "Lost & Found," so we based our gamed on a sock gremlin who goes around "finding" objects lost after a wild frat party and takes them back to its horde. Sock Around the Clock won Best of Show at the SCAD Savannah Campus competition, and was nominated for Best in Georgia.

For the Best in Georgia competition, more work was done on the game over the course of a month. We added in two new levels, new characters and animation, and power ups. Due to the small nature of our team and the time limit, we didn't have definitive roles. However, my work consisted primarily of character modeling, texturing, and rigging and animation.

character work & Texturing

Rigging & Animation

Trailer & Gameplay

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